ASTR 503 Homework 4 : Properties of Light

This activity requires a diffraction grating (either in special slides or as special diffraction glasses, available from "Rainbow Symphony". Special punch-out spectroscopes are available from the Stanford Solar Center. I will provide one for every teacher registered for audit or CEU credit, and a full classroom set for each teacher registered for full credit. If you did this in class as an activity, you do not need to do #2 below, but it is a good reference if you do this with your students.

1. Assemble the spectroscope per the directions. Or if you don't have a spectroscope, just use the diffraction glasses or a diffraction slide. Holding a while card in front of the spectrum (to the side left or right) makes the spectrum more visible.

2. Do the "Colors of light" activity from "Space Update". If you use the spectroscope, try to estimate the wavelength of the brightest lines observed from each of the sources. We will have several sources available in class, but there are others listed on the activity sheet that can be used. Be sure to answer the questions on the sheet.

Last updated 11/14/2014