ASTR 530 Homework 2: Time Lapse Movie (8 pts)

(due end of semester, but start NOW)

1. Plan a sequence of images taken by the same camera in the same location,
over a period of time. We will make a time lapse movie. This can be a tree budding,
flowering, and then putting on leaves; or a sequence showing the sun's shadow move during a day
or over a season; or something astronomical. Be sure to allow for growth of the tree or
plant when setting up your camera. Mark carefully your camera location to ensure image registration.
Plan on taking at least 30-40 images.

2. Be sure the camera is in the exact location each time. Put some tape on the windowsill, etc.
Try to take the photo at the same time each day (if it is plant or tree growing) so the lighting is the same.
Or you can make a "stop action" movie (claymation).

3. Later we will assemble the images into a movie using QuicktimePro (or some other software).

Last updated 1/26/2021