ASTR 530 : Homework 3 : Stereo Anaglyphs : 6 pts

Due: TBD

A simple way to make "3D" photographs is using a left/right pair of photos.
The camera is displaced laterally (by a few inches) between the two images.
One way to show them is to set two photos side by side and "cross your eyes" to get the stereo effect.

1. (3 pt) Take two photos, moving the camera by two or three inches to the right for the
second shot (but keeping the direction of aim the same). We will create red/green anaglyphs
for stereo viewing with red/green glasses. Take several pairs of photos of different objects.
Objects that are brown or gray or yellow do well. Things that are bright red or bright green aren't as good.

2. (3 pt) Using "Anaglyph Workshop"
we will create the red/green versions and put them together. The trial version is free;
the full version is only $9.95. You can also use "photoshop" if you have it.
Make at least three different red/green pairs and we will share them in class.

Last updated 2/1/2021